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Jody Palubiski first conceived of Beertown in 2009, “There was a great article in GQ Magazine,” he said. “It was called ‘The Birth of the Modern Beer Bar.’ And even just the tone of that… it just had a cool factor to it. It reminded me of that Miles Davis album, ‘The Birth of Cool’ and I couldn’t stop thinking about where we could go with that.”

And so, the target was set to create a modern beer bar where guests can feel welcomed, and even though they don’t know anyone, they feel like they are in a room full of friends. Where they can enjoy a scratch-cooked meal prepared by our culinary brigade headed up by the notable Chef Todd Clarmo, paired with selections from our expertly curated beer & beverage list crafted by our Beer Czar, and served with the world-class Charcoal Brand of Hospitality.

Beertown Public House is the leader in the craft beer dining revolution. Established in 2012 and comes from a rich history in hospitality dating back to 1956. The first location opened in Cambridge Ontario and has forever changed the landscape of craft beer consumption in the communities it serves. Maintaining ‘A Beer for Everyone’ ethos, we can deliver a beer for everyday of the year through our proprietary programs such as the Thursday Night Cask Conditioned releases, our rotating bottle and draught portfolio, one-off and exclusive product releases and Beer dinners with guest chefs and brewmasters.

Come share in our passion for craftsmanship.


Jody Palubiski, CEO

"Understand what your guest wants. Then, push the boundaries with creativity, freshness & seasonality."

Todd Clarmo, Corporate Executive Chef

"It was the people, & the conversations that made me fall in love. Beer doesn’t discriminate."

Jen Tamse, Beer Czar


As a teen in the hospitality business, Jody Palubiski demonstrated a work ethos that would later catapult him into leadership roles within the industry. Known for arriving 5 hours before his scheduled shift, Jody worked alongside those who saw the value in the rare union of ingenuity and enterprise. It wasn’t long in his career before Jody played a key part in the opening of many recognizable and successful restaurants in Ontario and over a span of nearly 20 years, he oversaw and developed managers who went on to become industry leaders. Jody started the Charcoal Group of Restaurants with his partners in 2003 and was soon thereafter spearheading the development of the company by creating operationally superior restaurants specifically curated to identify, diagnose and respond to the needs of a growing community and its members. His eye for detail on fixtures, finishes, proportion and scale, coupled with his countless years of operational experience drives him to create ascetically superior, yet pragmatically functional spaces. Jody uses every life experience – from backpacking to Everest to frequenting the speakeasy’s of NYC – to not only dream up new ideas but to continue to inspire and develop the people who help breathe life into them.

Behind some of Toronto’s most successful restaurants, Chef Todd Clarmo (who once spent 3.5 years on the Veg station at Langdon Hall. Find that hard to believe? Ask Chef about a Kohlrabi Macédoine) is trained at the Niagara Culinary Institute. Originally hailing from Guelph, Chef Todd has studied all over the world starting in France at Hotel Troisgros in Roanne (Relais & Chateau, 3 Michelin Stars) and Hostellerie de Crillon le Brave in Provence (Relais & Chateau), later travelling to London, where he studied under Chef Clive Howe at the Lygon Arms Hotel. Returning to Toronto in 1994, Chef lent his skills to a Toronto group and was the driving force behind everything from kitchen design, hiring executive chefs, menu development and all financial back of house related costs. While under his direction, one of the locations rose to become one of the most successful restaurants in Canada and has had the pleasure of accompanying Chef Suser Lee to Singapore to participate in the World Gourmet Summit. Earning outstanding critical acclaim, James Chatto of Toronto Life has described Todd’s classic French cuisine as “luxe and highly accomplished”. He went on to be responsible for the opening of Trump Tower in Toronto and later partnered to bring the Indie Ale House to life. Chef Todd Clarmo started with the Charcoal Group of Restaurants to put his vast experience to work on all of CG’s restaurants with a continued focus on crafting extraordinary food, developing the next generation of culinary talent and overseeing all areas of future development.

A philosophy graduate and self-proclaimed craft beer geek, Jennifer started with the group in 2013 and very quickly developed a reputation for her expertise in all things beer. Prud’homme, Cicerone and Maison Certified, and a BJCP member. An active member of FemAles, Queen of Craft and the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies, she is a regular at staple events such as Casks Days & Sessions – and embraces the sense of comradery and community spirit that has become the modus operandi of many Ontario Craft Brewers and Importers. Prior to joining the Charcoal Group team, she spearheaded the development of beer and beverage programs for multiple concepts, working her way through the ranks to General Manager and later partner of the APK LIVE Gastro Arts Pub. A continual innovator and proven leader, she also organized many of London’s firsts including the annual Forest City Beer Fest, Over the Hop Cask + Concert Series and Oh! Her unwavering passion for beer and entrepreneurial spirit give her a unique perspective on the ever-evolving craft beer market and Beertown’s role within it.



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